Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Solution to Whatsapp Crashing While Deleting Chats or Messages

Hi guys I recently came across a weird issue, I was not able to delete a chats from a certain group with large number of messages and Whatsapp just crashed again and again while doing that.

I was trying to find a solution on the internet, but I got nothing. I finally started digging the cause of the crash and after some research I finally figured out the solution.

Whatsapp Crash While Deleting Chats


Do this with another phone if you can’t do on your own. You just need to insert your SD card into that phone or copy your Whatsapp folder in that phone.

  • Delete all the apps or factory reset the device, make as much free memory in internal storage as you can.
  • Now go to settings and change your screen timeout to maximum(30 minutes).
  • Turn off any battery saving or RAM cleaning apps/features. If you own a Mi device, turn on performance mode.
  • Now install Whatsapp and restore your chats if you are doing on another device. Otherwise just open it.
  • Now open that chat, and clear it from menu button. Don’t delete it, clear it first.
  • Wait patiently now. It will clear in 5–15 minutes. It’s done now.

If you were using another device to do this:

  • Backup your Whatsapp chats from settings. Copy the folder to your phone or insert SD card back into your device.
  • Restore them on your original phone.

I hope this would help all those users who were unable to delete their Whatsapp chats.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

BillBachao - App for saving money!

Hi Guys We just came across a new money saving app for Indian Users -Bill Bachao.
It specifically helps in keeping a track of all your bills & how you can get better & cheaper packs to reduce your bill amount & get more value for your money!

Download Bill Bachao App

Here are the details:

Keep a track of Mobile Internet usage, Call minutes and SMS usage for both Postpaid and Prepaid users.
Find out the best combination of Plans, Packs, Topups, SMS, Data (2G & 3G), Local, STD for almost all telecom operators at a single click.
Monitoring Internet usage, call minutes and SMS usage
Recommending prepaid and postpaid tariff Combo plans that best suit your usage
Save your favourite plans for future use
Check the best network for signal strength and Data speeds around your location
Right network recommendation for your current location
Updated 24*7 with best plans available for you
One click balance check
Quick recharge for multiple numbers of different operators with various plans in one go
Easy Self help section to get instant information from your telecom operator
Set/ Get alerts when you are about to exhaust your plans.